An evening with Rebel Yell Rock Band✿ஜீ۞ஜீ✿•.¸

Video by Mayra Draconia

Interview Rebel Yell
Let’s welcome Rebel Yell, before starting I would like to congratulate all of you for the Show dedicated to Pink! it was a wonderful evening. Many people …
You are great artists, popular for a long time, how do you live these magical moments in Second Life with Music?

ηȻşϊα (amnesia.emodemon): ty cynthia and hi 🙂
[15:24] Lestat Zalivstok: Thank you very much for your kind words , we enjoy very much what we do and we try do shows as much real as possible .. trying to see how an artist moves his personality on stage and also trying to remake similar stage used by the artist. It is a real pleasure for us see many people love our shows and notice all the effort we put in creating a show.

The Band of Lestat Zalivstok – Guiltyangel Rhapsody – Oskar Nirvana
achieved notoriety in Second Life thanks to the numerous Performances
with the big names in International Music as protagonists
Scenographies, and Choreography make their performances truly spectacular
We know better our protagonists who just yesterday staged the gritty Pink.
How did the idea of ​​proposing this artistic union for Second Life come about?

[15:32] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): oh theres lot of people more working with rebell
[15:32] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): there also Indi and Klegs who in fact were dancers at pink show and do other characters too..and Hank too
[15:32] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): there also Indi and Klegs who in fact were dancers at pink show and do other characters too..and Hank too

Where does the inspiration for your creativity come from?

15:34] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): we were working for another tribute bands and after a while we thought we could do our own shows
[15:34] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): doing the artists we want to do etc
[15:34] Lestat Zalivstok: Oh for sure for all of us our inspiration comes from the love of Music and Concerts.. We met long time ago in another game wich was pretty limited not as SL… when we moved to SL me and Oskar started to go to tribute concerts .. and we thought that was a very fun thing to do and this inspired us to join a tribute company of the first tribute companies that was in SL about 10 years ago after … after one year Guilty joined us in the same band … and two years later we decided was time to make our own tribute band . Ando so we did 8 years ago we started Rebel yell and our goal was make the most realistic tribute shows in SL and see what happen… so we invested a lot in avatars cloths wigs lol stages effects and put all our passion in it.

4000 people follow your concerts!
Popularity is always a difficult task to manage, years have passed and you are all united keeping the original training, what is the secret?

15:38] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): well in fact now we work like 2 bands, both under Rebel yell name. Lestat and me -Oskar- do some shows and GuiltyAngel does others
[15:39] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): Then, tehres some comun shows which need lot of staff, like mm, the musical, Rocky Horror show which is made in Octuber, in Halloween time
[15:40] Lestat Zalivstok: well i guess what keep us all united is the passion for the entertainment and this work of creating live tribute shows and musicals .. and we all love use our creativity this keep us together as 1 entertainment group but as Oskar was explaining we are two teams inside the same group.
[15:41] Willow Seljan: we have become a like family we enjoy what we do very much
[15:41] Lestat Zalivstok: right Willow
[15:42] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): ツ
[15:42] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): as Lestat said before, theres been lot of years working together by now
[15:43] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): how long u say bab, 8 years?
[15:43] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): thats a life in sl lol
[15:43] Lestat Zalivstok: yes we did 8 in january 2020
[15:43] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): i mean nothing last that long, that i know… in fact the band we worked when started they disbanded longggg ago o many Awards received

10 Avichoice Awards in the categories: Favorite Tribute Shows – Favorite Particle Artist – Favorite Theater Building – Favorite Dance Company – Favorite Choreographer – Favorite Theater Director – Favorite Performing Productions.
Of all the big names in music, which one best matches your style?

[15:44] Lestat Zalivstok: I think we love rock concerts more then everything but music is art and we don’t have really limits when something is beautiful and inspiring … so came out also the musicals and dancing shows
[15:44] ηȻşϊα (amnesia.emodemon): i think also love for music is the glue
[15:45] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): but yes i guess is cos we love the music, love doing shows and shared it all with the people… i would like to say that we have a great great great audience
[15:45] Lestat Zalivstok: right wichy
[15:45] Lestat Zalivstok: yeah bb also our audience is super cool and fun
[15:45] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): people who come at our shows is simply amazing, and also the owner of the clubs we work with
[15:46] Lestat Zalivstok: sure thing the venues who book pur shows are all big clubs who did a lot for keeping alive the entertainment in SL
[15:49] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): mmm we still producing new shows,,, even we already have an enormous list of artist we do tribute
[15:49] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): few ago we started doing Red Hot Chili peppers,,, who is super fun
[15:50] Lestat Zalivstok: Yeah and so many ideas
[15:50] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): and im still waiting someone get interested in The Police, a band i would love to bring to stage
[15:51] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): Lestat wanted also does some coreograph shows…since hes the coreographer and love to do it lol, but it still a secret what he planing shhhh
[15:51] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): ツ
[15:51] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): no, seriusly, it will be a surprise for Rebell fans
[15:52] Lestat Zalivstok: for sure our dream is to meet a looot new great people intrested in what we do and keep grow our followers and prepare lot’s of new big shows. Btw my personal dream is BENTO HEADBANG ANIMATION (INCLUDING HAIR) :-p
[15:53] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): yeah we crazy about a good headbanging animation…heard u, bento creators? lol

Nesia and Willow now ask about the collaboration with Rebel Yell band, emotion and feeling, how many girls would love to be on such an important stage!

15:59] Willow Seljan: I love being on stage very much doing concerts every week and I also love being apart of helping to put on future shows which Lestat Guilty and Oskar have in the works
[15:59] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): ツ
[16:00] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): without all of u would be impossible
[16:00] Lestat Zalivstok: Willow is one of the oldest members in oour team and we love her ♥
[16:00] Willow Seljan: I love you all too ♥
[16:01] Willow Seljan: very much 🙂
[16:01] ηȻşϊα (amnesia.emodemon): hum i can say also if is a bit i work with rebel i always feel tangle in the stomach for every show i do and yes im sure alot of ppl will love to join and work for rebel , cuz isnt just do a show is the passion u put in it and im sure ppl feel it to
[16:01] Lestat Zalivstok: :)))

Tips for those who have music in their hearts and would like to bring it and share it on Second Life?

16:02] Lestat Zalivstok: Put all the effort into it every detail counts
[16:05] Lestat Zalivstok: Sometimes people think putting up a tribute show is very easy.. just jump on stage and stream the music but it’s not exactly like that there is a lot of work under… for make good lookalike avatars and hours spent in search the right animations … build the appropriate stage etc…

In this moment of great changes that this forced isolation is bringing us, we can take the opportunity to see Rebel Yell live again … next appointment?

[16:06] Lestat Zalivstok: Sure we play every weekend
[16:06] Lestat Zalivstok: and next shows will be
[16:07] Lestat Zalivstok: H.I.M. – Lynyrd Skynyrd and Shinedown
[16:07] Lestat Zalivstok: this upcoming weekend
[16:07] Oskar Zalivstok (oskar.nirvana): we expect to see u there Cynthia!

Cynthia Barzane will be at the concert! And so all of you dear friends.
See you next adventure. Keep an eye on this Rock Band great Artists, and everyone’s friends!

Thanks to Lestat, Oskar, Nesia and Willow

you Rock!!!

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