Fantasy Faire 2021-Chapter 1-

  • Rimion where are you? –

Fantasy Faire 2021
Chapter 1

  • Rimion where are you? –
    It is evening, the sun colors the whole landscape with its rays, the reflections on the sea invite you to poetry and tranquility … I am preparing the table, now it is set, I certainly have not forgotten to put the candles. I love to take care of my two men. I think back to my son, he, the little man in my life, sleeps and I go back to the stove.
    Dinner on the fire, the stew my beloved Richard likes.
    The keys in the lock, a smile shows on my lips, my husband is back, finally! I turn down the heat and put the ladle on, take off the kitchen apron, to reveal myself in front of him, arranging my long, loose hair up to my shoulders – I made you the stew, the one you like so much. Let’s be quiet, shhh, our son is asleep – the index finger playfully pinned to his full lips where I lean a light kiss.
    Richard smiles at me and winks – I’m going to see you don’t know how much I’ve missed you my love – two minutes, just two minutes and Richard comes back to me with a desperate expression on his face. – there isn’t … where is him? ! Rimion is not in his cradle! –
  • Rimion – I say softly, almost a whisper as fragile as a lifeless autumn leaf on the ground. Where is our son … An absurd pain in the pit of my stomach, a pain that only a mother can understand, copious tears fall as I turn off the stove. I turn to look at Richard looking for an answer in his eyes.
    I don’t believe it, it’s a nightmare, I rush into little Rimion’s room … empty … I grab the bear, lifeless life on my baby’s cradle … I hug it to my chest as if it were my beloved Rimion.
    -Police-Richard exclaims as he goes to get his cell phone.
    My conscious gaze, I shake my head and still hold the little bear in my arms. -No – I answer simply – Cynthia …. we have to call the police! – -No – I repeat again, while sadly I sit on the sofa – Richard rushes to me crossing the corridor, on the side of the terrace, reaches me asking with amazement -Do you know where our son is? –
    -Think about it Richard, Rimion is a few months old, and he proves to be a much older child, how long has Richard been … a year? Look at me … and listen to me, the police are not needed … The answers we are looking for are at Fantasy Faire!

Credits :

Cynthia is wearing :

PH – Esmeralda Skirt (maitreya)

PH – Esmeralda Top (maitreya)

Richard is wearing :

Top from Richard:

Dark Fairy Fashions – Mens Clothing/

DFF DIRK Shirt/Tank@ FF2021 event


Astalianda – Valhalla/

pose : Astalianda – Katti 3 @ FF2021 event

Pink Moon – My beautiful star /

pose: PM – My beautiful star 3 sit @ FF2021 event

*All the outfits, accessories, poses for photos, locations

will soon be available at Fantasy Faire.

Do not miss! We hope many of you will come!

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