Fantasy Faire 2021Chapter 2


It was late afternoon almost evening, Cynthia was smiling happily after putting little Rimion in her cradle.
She was firmly determined that this was the life she always wanted to have.
When suddenly a gust of wind almost knocked her off balance. The young woman just shook her head – better go make the stew – she said to herself
A dark shadow echoed in the room, Cynthia fainted as the shadow moved towards the cradle. And Rimion grew up, A baby stood on the cradle with an accusing finger. -You are the bane of Fantasy Faire … Get away from me! Away from me or my punishment will be worthy of the Elf Rimion whose name I proudly bear! –
The shadow drifted away to catch up with Cynthia still unconscious. He touched the girl’s forehead, and she changed her dress and skin, her face covered with a gloomy mask … An evil spell had just revealed itself … For Cynthia and Rimion there was no longer any hope.

Cynthia woke up and went to her baby’s room. -Mom ! –
he exclaimed. She didn’t seem to be at all surprised at his growth. She took him with her in her arms simply murmuring-Come ventus come, sinere feel solus relaxari, nunc nunc Come, Come Come Come Come … Destination Fantasy Faire! –

-Here is my son to You Lord of the Darkness – Cynthia said gently placing her hands on the child’s shoulders.

** My friends … You wonder who that dark shadow ever was.
I told you about Rimion the Archduke, the good Sorcerer Elf who helped the creatures of Fantasy Faire … my son’s name was given in honor of him to remember his heroic deeds! Well, the evil sorcerer who many times tried to destroy the magical world was his greatest enemy. You will meet him soon, very soon …
I look forward to seeing you at Fantasy Faire!

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Cynthia is wearing :

Outfits :

:::c*C*c:::Frig Blue Dress For Lara

:::c*C*c:::Frig Blue sleeve For Lara

Accessories :

[KROVA] Confessor – GLD

Scenary :

Simply Shelby

*All the outfits, accessories, poses for photos, locations

will soon be available at Fantasy Faire.

Do not miss! We hope many of you will come!

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