Fantasy Faire 2021 – Finale *Acknowledgments

This dream was possible thanks to the many people who led me up to
here. I try to remember them all.
Thanks to my roots, my teachers, my guides.
Through their teachings, their thoughts, their love, through their hands
strong, their culture, their inventions, through their example, their normality, the
ancient and precious world that they transmitted to me, I built my shelter, my own
refuge, I inserted it deep into my heart.
Important Thought is for Relay for Life
The American Cancer Society’s signature fundraising event.
That’s why it becomes a great project done all together in Second Life! Research against Cancer.
The desire to get involved and collaborate by actively participating in all initiatives.
And we’ve all been incredibly good and strong.
We had fun, this is true, but with a unique awareness!
The work behind the scenes of Fantasy Faire. Creators, Designers, Builders, Bloggers.
Being able to invent new situations, to entice everyone in Second Life to be present for such an important issue as Cancer, together with the fact that we are still at home because a pandemic stops the enthusiasm even for a simple hug.
I embrace you here, within the pages of this wonderful dream, which began for me thanks to a great woman, a woman who knows how to offer dreams on a tray full of surprises. Thanks Sonya for taking in all the ideas.
Special thanks go to Richard. He patiently worked with me making great photos, which resulted in a short story.
Oh well! it was a lot of emotion
Continuing with my due thanks for me to continue
Liam N. Liam S. Pelayo, Viana … Samuel and Joys with her enthusiasm and her professionalism in making a video in no time!
Passion, enthusiasm are the ingredients of Second Life but those who care about life believe me they put their soul into it!
It was great to dream with you.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Cinzia Barzane


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