Fantasy Faire2021 Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Far far…

Death is a certainty of life and yet it is the moment we know less about. No one will ever know or explain what really happens before or right after death. Trying to imagine it is useless because there is no way of knowing how close we are to reality.
And here I am, in a breath, in the light breeze of the new day. and I look at each of you.
The White Elf in all the light of him holds my hand-Cyn don’t be afraid, I’m here, I won’t leave you-

  • Thank you – I answer weakly, but I would like to scream and tear apart the blue sky of Fantasy Faire. I almost seem to feel Richard’s hand slowly stroking my hair.
    I feel the breath of the people I love. Richard, Rimion silently crying.
  • do not cry my son, you are safe! –
    What happened to The Dark Elf, why do I get the weird feeling that all life passes by me in a split second ?! Why am I not in pain ?!
    The alarm that rings from my cell phone … the BTS song at the top of the music charts brings me back to reality.
    I rub my eyes and the daylight comes on me! I jump up to sit on the bed still in disbelief.
  • Wake up sleeping beauty! you have to go to school! – the voice is from my mother. it was all a dream! And I don’t believe it, it had to be all true … true!
    Rimion …. Richard?! The White Elf ?! Magical creatures?!
    Reality is calling me, but part of that strange dream still resonates in my mind.
    I am awake, I am in my house, I am perfectly capable of preparing for school and facing life!
    Something on the floor catches my attention, I can’t explain all this … it’s a small pendant that catches the sun’s rays, and there are two small FFs
    Fantasy Faire the symbol!
  • ** ** All worn items can be found at Fantasy Faire.
  • The proceeds will go to the Relay for Life cancer research project.
  • Every year Fantasy Faire gives everyone the magical world, donate you too to live a great dream with us!
    Credits :

Credits :

Cyn is wearing :

Belle Epoque – Elven Queen -White –

Richard is wearing :

BelleEpoque -Elven king – White –

Liam N. – White Elf is wearing :

KaiDesign – Vic Male loincloth

Liam S. – Rimion is wearing :

Hotdog – Functional pants&boots – Bright

Accessories :

-Elemental- Bow

Body Parts :

:[P]:- Lazulien Tattoo


Fantasy Faire


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