Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Night falls, Richard looks at me, wipes my tears by depositing little kisses.
“Come,” he whispers, he takes me by the hand, puts Rimion’s bear on the sofa
and gently guides me into our bedroom. The moon reflects on the sea,
but I don’t notice this. He runs his fingers nervously through his hair.
-Cyn we’re both tired and you need to rest before you act. –
I nod and reply – yes – but I doubt he can hear that little whisper. How much I love my husband!
How I wish our little Rimion would come home!
-we must take back our son at all costs, he will be looking for us little love from mom and dad-
Richard lies down while I sit on the edge of the bed with my arms crossed, as if to defend myself from what, and from whom …

  • love we must not lose hope … we know how to get to Fantasy Faire …
    and we have many friends who can help us! –
    I bite my bottom lip and realize that Richard is right …
    -Hope …- I repeat softly before lying down next to him. I close my eyes and lwait the next day. The new day is now about to arrive. -Fantasy Faire! –

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Cynthia is wearing :

Bikini FantaSea

Richard is wearing :

Pants Dark Fairy Fashions

Furnitures :


*All the outfits, accessories, poses for photos, locations,furnitures

NOW available at Fantasy Faire.

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