Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter 4


Chapter 4
Backstory – Rimion The White Elf

And it’s morning, Richard and I are getting ready to go to Fantasy Faire.
Oh in the past Richard and I felt the call of the magical world, and fantastic creatures, for two like us, experiencing the adventure was pure adrenaline.
What had stopped us since our wedding day?
The work? A son ? Everyday life?
difficult to say and not all necessarily in order, only one concern now …
The little Rimion. Time passed quickly … I pause to rethink
** You don’t know how the meeting with Rimion the Elf took place?
Years ago on one of our travels, we found ourselves in an enchanted forest.
Richard and I explored the vast lands of Fantasy Faire. I don’t know how I stumbled, surely, as usual I must have had my head in the air … I lost my balance and found myself on the ground with a sore ankle. I was complaining between sobs – Cyn don’t throw a tantrum, stay still it’s just a sprain- Richard said as he tried to assess the damage to my ankle. – we need the panacea lapsorum – said a voice behind us. The Elf was beautiful, white skin and delicate complexion, a mop of snowy hair in spite of his young age

  • Who are you – Richard asks arching his eyebrow and putting himself in front of me as if to protect me – The elf smiled and then elegantly gave us a bow worthy of other times, and enchanted fairy tales.
    “My name is Rimion. I protect this place from the Dark Elf, he wants to destroy Fantasy Faire,” he said without taking his eyes off my now swollen and purple ankle.
  • And who is this dark elf? – I asked with difficulty holding back a grimace of pain.
    “You need the panacea lapsorum on that ankle,” the elf said as he rummaged in his saddlebag. From this he drew small yellow flowers. – Arnica? – I asked amazed – No, no, the elf repeated – panacea lapsorum! – and then burst into thunderous laughter. Of course the fair-skinned elf with very mobile blue eyes was beautiful. We laughed together, although I was a little tired, I invited him to come over to help me.
    Many memories! There was a fierce fight!
    The Dark Elf was not armed, he used his mind thanks to dark magic to be able to plagiarize all living beings and conquer more power. In my eyes the clear image of that episode could not be chased away … The white elf attempting a lunge as Richard and I ran to his aid armed and ready for battle, a gash in the blue to understand that this time the dark elf couldn’t make it!
    The awareness of being invincible when united together by love for Fantasy Faire.
    A glow the same that now led us to Fantasy Faire to take back our son Rimion, dear and sweet White Elf now gone, you will live in my baby’s name …

Credits :

Cinzia is wearing :

Lurve Valkyrie Spirit Outift

{Soleil et Lune} – Dismay Dagger {Held L}
{Soleil et Lune} – Dismay Dagger {Held R}

Arttoo’s Ink – Ryoko Tattoo Light White

Richard is wearing :

//R3D// Boots Runar – Black Gianni
CKF RavenSoul_NoWings Bow
CKit Falconry_BowHUD

Hotdog – Gambeson . Signature . Fatpack

Pelayo ( Black Elf ) is wearing :

Zibska ~ Ella Collar
Zibska ~ Liva Set

Liam ( White Elf ) is wearing

Outfit – Scarlet Fey – Signature Gianni Archer Outfit

Sword – [EZ] Exalted Sword -Firo1.50 (The Forge)

Location :

Fantasy Faire Place

** All worn items can be found at Fantasy Faire.
The proceeds will go to the Relay for Life cancer research project.
Every year Fantasy Faire gives everyone the magical world, donate you too to live a great dream with us!


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