Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Arrival

It is morning now, the sun peeps out between the curtains giving a glow that heartens the minds.

The sky is clear and the sea calm before departure. – A coffee? – I ask my husband intertwining my each other’s hands.

Richard looks at me and smiles faintly, we have reopened the trunk and put on the clothes, strictly the same.

It is like a rite for us, a rite that is repeated every year.

He shakes his head – Better we go –

He approaches me and plays with a lock of my hair gathered in a soft braid that I usually wear on one side,

  • Cyn we have to go … now! – he takes my hands, kisses them half-closing his eyes and together we repeat the formula.

And the sky is torn apart and a warm and luminous glow envelops our bodies that float in the air as if by magic.

A leap into the void where time does not exist, where everything seems to have stopped. – My little Rimion where are you … –

We both arrive at the same time, our heads a little sore, and confused. At Fantasy Faire it seems to be sunset, the village is surrounded by greenery.

The lights inside the small houses look like many eyes scrutinizing us.

  • We have to ask on the streets, to people, to creatures. they must have seen our son somewhere! –

I nod my husband’s voice never seemed so beautiful, sweet and reassuring.

We walk along the path, breathing composed, and hearts beating in unison as an omen of a sad song.

Who can want the evil of a small and fragile creature like a child. What’s so evil about Fantasy Faire?

My thoughts are distracted, and so no doubt Richard’s thoughts are distracted by something that catches our attention.

A faint light, one would say a firefly, she invites us to follow her at the end of the path, near a fountain with clear waters where rose petals lie, scattered here and there, of a little not so far from the rose garden.

Richard and I exchange a knowing glance when a voice calls us by name. -Cyn my sweetest Cynthia, Richard dear friend!
You have finally arrived – Tears roll down my cheeks as Richard looks at the man in front of him still in disbelief,
but he is not in fact a man there is only a slight semblance of him. He is pure spirit … The spirit of the White Elf Rimion!

  • But you are … you are … – I repeat softly in tears, I do not want the White Elf to go away now that I have found him – Dead?! – he says
    smiling as he used to do – It’s magic, remember right? I’m here to help you find your child, but to do that, I need you two to part, at least momentarily. You both have paths to follow, different paths, and mind you that everyone at Fantasy Faire counts on Cynthia and Richard … it is the magic of love that wins over evil! –
    Having said this, he vanishes, and so does the firefly that had lit up. And
    It’s night, and it is dark, not a star lighting up the sky of Fantasy Faire. It’s cold and I’m alone. No trace of Richard.

I’m afraid, but the thought of my son comes back to keep me company.

Credits :

Cynthia is wearing :

//R3D// Boots Runar – Black Maitreya
//R3D// Viking Tunic Einar – Maitreya

Richard is wearing :

//R3D// Boots Runar (m)
//R3D// Viking Tunic Njord

Poses :

Astalianda – Valhalla Pose Sets/
Astalianda – Eir 1
Astalianda – Frigg 1M

XPOSEure Renny Fatpack /
Renny IV


** All worn items can be found at Fantasy Faire.
The proceeds will go to the Relay for Life cancer research project.
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