Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter 6

Chapter 6
(1) Backstory – (2) Richard’s adventure

(1) Backstory

Kansai suffered from an incurable love sickness.
She had been married to the Emperor for years and she had had a daughter with him as beautiful as she was rebellious.
But the Emperor didn’t take care of the family he had no eyes but for Jaded.
Jaded although she was born in Japan, she had the bluest eyes ever seen. The
very long hair and a statuesque body. She looked like Botticelli’s Venus praised everywhere.
From the Emperor to the humblest of her servants, all of her were mad with love for her.
The emperor devoted every free moment to her young woman, he sought her sweet and perfumed lips and he often fell asleep in her arms, awakening the following day full of love. – You’re beautiful – he used to say – I’m crazy for you! You will always be my greatest treasure Aishiteru! –
Kansai couldn’t rest, so much was her jealousy that tormented her.
The more Kansai tried to bring her husband back to her, the more he fled from her family.
Kansai turned to the Black Elf for help. “Well,” said the dark Elf

  • I will bring the Emperor back to you … Jaded will see him disappear and dissolve into nothingness, she will die of pain and you will be happy and pleased. But you will have to pay a lien. A very high pledge. As soon as your husband comes back to you, you will come to me and I will tell you what to do –

(2) Richard’s adventure

The afternoon has come to Fantasy Faire. Richard has long wandered in search of Rimion,
without finding peace, without finding answers. until he reaches the foot of the mountain in front of him an immense and beautiful Temple appears. Soft music pushes man inward to explore. There is a woman on the loom richly dressed in a kimono, she works silk and sings an ancient melody. Richard is enchanted. – You must be Richard – she says in a calm voice without looking away – I am making a silk Kimono for you
there is all my love for you young stranger you do not need anything else. – Richard slowly undresses and then wears the Kimono as light as a second skin and so colorful that it seems to catch the sun’s rays. The woman moves with elegance and grace, invites him to sit down for the tea ceremony. The tea actually contains a drug that will make Richard lose consciousness, sense of time, his beloved Cyn and their baby .Rimion. Now Kansai is smiling .

Credits :

Richard is wearing :

Ss.Kosode kimono MESH v.1

For the Scenary :

Golden Unicorn Fireworks /
Lantern of Destiny by Golden Unicorn Fireworks @Fantasy Faire 2021

Location :

Yin Yang ~ Sponsored by GABRIEL

** ** All worn items can be found at Fantasy Faire.
The proceeds will go to the Relay for Life cancer research project.
Every year Fantasy Faire gives everyone the magical world, donate you too to live a great dream with us!


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