Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter 7

Chapter 7

1 – Prologue
2 – The imprisonment of the young Rimion


Time passes my son Rimion is still locked up in the Black Elf’s prisons,
he has plagiarized the mind and obscured the boy’s heart, Rimion the now adult child does not remember his childhood, he does not remember my face or that of his father.
Every now and then he is allowed to enter the Castle Garden, especially now
that the evil elf has full control of him.

The imprisonment of the young Rimion

Rimion has grown into a handsome young man, intelligent and cultured.
He has unconditional trust in his guardian the Dark Elf.
Nothing remembers of his past, of Cyn and Richard’s love
of fairy tales, of hugs, of his childhood.
Rimion is convinced that he was born and raised in the castle.
It is a cool evening, it is almost summer, the colors of the late sunset make the peach blossoms in the garden shine. Everything invites harmony and tranquility.
Rimion after two hours dedicated to the study of philosophy goes to the meanders of the garden to rest and enjoy the scents.
Suddenly a light now appears, a light so strong and powerful that it makes him kneel.

  • Rimion I am your godfather the White Elf I come to your aid please listen to me –
    The majestic white wings, a Halo that emanates powerful rays an unknown heat pervade the young Rimion
  • Get away from here. Whoever you are, I’m fine here, this is my land, this is my home. –
    The white elf approaches Rimion, the boy seems almost not to give importance to his presence.
    -Rimion, you bear my name, you have a mother who loves you, and a father who seeks you desperately. Your tutorer is actually malicious! He has plagiarized you! –
  • How dare you? Go away ! –
    The white elf does not let him repeat, he moves away from the castle disappearing into thin air.
    He doesn’t want something horrible to happen to the boy. So he decides … he will meet the Fairy Princess and together they will help Cyn find her family and rebuild the lost love.

Credits :

Liam Netizen is wearing :

Thicket – Vine Chiton – Maple

Liam Senior is wearing :

::GB:: Katahaori 2020 (Gianni) Yin yang


Fantasy Faire

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