Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter 8


Chapter 8
The Unicorn

Another night without you, the forest here seems immense and a thousand stars shine in the sky! I sit disconsolately at the foot of a large oak with both hands covering my face. I feel alone in Fantasy Faire, where are you Richard my love, where is our beloved son?
Copious tears fall from my cheeks. When a heat on the shoulder takes me by surprise.
I turn around and a light dear to me appears, it is Rimion the White Elf!

  • It’s you my friend, I recognize your thin touch, you give me strength! –
    I wipe my tears with the back of my hand and he smiles at me
  • You always trusted me! Remember how many battles in Fantasy Faire? For being a human you have the courage to make a dragon turn pale! –
  • Are you serious?! – I smile in spite of myself – my friend all this courage alone I cannot use it, I feel very fragile without my husband, and without my son –
    Rimion the elf lets out a sigh, his wings welcome me in a big hug – you are not alone! I have news for you, I saw your son! And he is handsome strong and a grown man by now – certainly the White Elf is careful not to tell me how the events unfolded, in my head and in my eyes a thousand questions that he eludes in a simple and direct way – I would like you to follow me I have a gift for you. – So I jump to my feet, my legs shake a little, and my heart beats fast at the idea of ​​hope.
    And that’s how I follow him, anxious with my heart swollen with emotion, a beautiful Fairy appears in front of me. I bow to her greeting – My name is Joy, and I am Queen of the Fairies, your fame Cyn precedes you, and I am here to help you. – A flap of wings and the most beautiful creature reveals itself in front of us. It is such a bright and shiny unicorn. -Get on her back, her name is Serenity will take you to your beloved! And now go, fly! – my smile is like that of a little girl – Hold on tight to my mane! – Says Serenity, and with a quick flick of my wings I find myself flying through Fantasy Faire! The night breeze caresses my face.
    There is no time for more tears, I am going to meet my beloved!

Credits :

Cyn is wearing :

Outfit :

PSS Elfen Song Maitreya Lara FATPACK

Companion :

“Serenity” the Alicorn – Teegle

Accessories :

SR Mystical Spiral Lights

Joys is wearing :

Outfit :

Dress : :::cCc:::Frig Dress

Accessories :

Wings : -FAS- FAERY WINGS : Bento Wings

Horn : Rainbow Sundae Forest Horns – Special Edition Purple 1

Body Parts :

Hair : Wasabi // Kyo Hair

Skin and shape : Lumae – LeLutka Amesha

Eyes: Rainbow Sundae Forest Eyes Special Edition – 04

Poses :

pose : Astalianda – Eir 2

Liam is wearing :

Dreaming Thicket – Vine Chiton – Maple

Location :

Fantasy Faire

** ** All worn items can be found at Fantasy Faire.
The proceeds will go to the Relay for Life cancer research project.
Every year Fantasy Faire gives everyone the magical world, donate you too to live a great dream with us!

Photo & Video by Joys Cuttita


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