Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Together to look for our son

And it is morning. Serenity flew high and relentlessly to the Arab markets of the Fantasy Faire Fair
-Cyn you have to change your clothes and Richard must have a chance to recognize you. He was drugged, but now he’s fine … all thanks to Joy! and you both have to do it fast!
Your son is still in the hands of the Dark Elf! May the creatures of Fantasy Faire protect you and those you love my sweet girl – Hands folded and a bow to greet the unicorn that disappears from my sight, while the magic slips into me, giving me a brightly colored outfit. And as the morning sun comes, so do I see my husband approaching. Am I dreaming? !

  • Oh love is that you ?! Is it really you ?! – This Richard asks as I approach.
    His voice is his, but not the smell, I don’t recognize the smell. It is a feminine, oriental fragrance.
  • It’s me … it’s really me, but you look changed – I nervously bite my lower lip, but there is no time to ask, we have to look for our son, he has priority over everything. And as Richard approaches me for a kiss I bow my head resolutely – we go to Rimion we must free our son! -Richard does not listen to me, the ornamental veil that slightly covers my face falls down as he searches for my lips where he places them. I part my lips and receive his kiss, reciprocating with passion. Richard finds that strange smile of his, that smile that made me fall in love with him.
    “Come on,” he says in a low voice, his voice a little hoarse.
    And hugging each other like a loving couple let’s go together to look for our son Rimion!

Credits :

Cyn is wearing :

(RP) Almira Outfit

Richard is wearing :

(RP) Aram Outfit

Location :

Fantasy Faire

** ** All worn items can be found at Fantasy Faire.
The proceeds will go to the Relay for Life cancer research project.
Every year Fantasy Faire gives everyone the magical world, donate you too to live a great dream with us!


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