Fantasy Faire 2021 Chapter10

Chapter 10
The Final Battle

We walk close and close Richard and I, we have found each other, all doubts have been swept away. He tells me about the poisoned tea Temple, and about a woman who smiled as he fainted.
I listen to the narration of him carefully and without saying a word, every now and then our eyes meet again filled with love like the first time.

  • I’m sure our son is at the Castle up there at the top of the mountain! -This Richard says and points his index finger towards the mountains to give more emphasis to his words.
  • Oh if only there was the unicorn with us! – I say in a low voice, there is so much to walk that the feet are tired and sore.
  • Should I pick you up? – This Richard says now in a joking tone, I show him the language as children usually do, and a little for fun and a little for love we chase our goal, relieving the hearts, souls and tears that are about to come down.
    The sunset has come when we reach the top of the mountain where a truly imposing castle stands, when suddenly here is the glare, important and bright!
  • Rimion! White Elf my friend! – exclaims Richard.
  • Glad to see you both! – exclaims the White Elf – Let’s go !! It takes a little now! –
    Dragons flying over the skies show us the way, they are Fantasy Faire creatures who have always loved us and there is great respect between us.
    Dragons reach Rimion in the garden, no … not The White Elf but my son!
    He wakes up from the torpor, his mind becomes aware of his past and runs to meet Richard and me. He is a handosme man … My own eyes and features of his face inherited from his father ….- My son-
    The embrace of our reunited family no, it cannot be described, and there are tears … but of pure joy this time!
  • Mother, father ! – Richard looks at me for a moment, the smiles that have the taste of salt from shed tears, and all the pain disappears as if by magic.
    Rimion the White Elf coughs – hey I’m here too! –
    -Oh but You are the White Elf my godfather! – my son replies – I would like to apologize … I was not in me … I … – he stammers.
  • No more pleasantries! Let’s go now! – We turn happy, moving our steps towards home but ….
    A rumble, a thunder and fire!
    The sky becomes dark, the earth trembles. An immense dragon blocks our passage. Rimion armed with bow and arrows attempts an attack.
    The fight becomes bloody.
    The mighty power of the flying White Elf tries to block the spiral of fire that tries to hit my son, Richard and me.
    Rimion my son screams – It’s him! The dark elf who took the form of a dragon! I try to stop it and … Oh noooo Mother ….
    Richard and The White Elf try to stop my fall … in vain.
    The dragon disappears, but …
    ** to be continued
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  • The proceeds will go to the Relay for Life cancer research project.
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Credits :

Cyn is wearing :

Belle Epoque – Elven Queen -White –

Richard is wearing :

BelleEpoque -Elven king – White –

Liam N. – White Elf is wearing :

KaiDesign – Vic Male loincloth

Liam S. – Rimion is wearing :

Hotdog – Functional pants&boots – Bright

Accessories :

-Elemental- Bow

Body Parts :

:[P]:- Lazulien Tattoo


Fantasy Faire


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